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FEBRUARY 3rd, 2020

Great rehearsals this week (Saturday & Monday) and it was really good having Caroline with us Monday. I think that will be our plan for the next two rehearsals, so I’ve added it in red to the list below.


For me, I’m working all this music 3 times a day (morning, afternoon, evening) for about 15+ minutes. I go one time through with one of the YouTube Videos (with my music until memorized) and utilizing the choral-ography as much as possible. (I think I’ve got 7 or so tabs with YouTubes in my Chrome- I just do one after another!)

I don’t know what your discipline is (this one may not work for you), but if you don’t have a daily discipline, develop one where you can spend some time with the music. Thanks!

Rehearsals through “Stuff & Nonsense” (Sunday, Feb. 23rd):


Monday, February 10, 6:00-6:45 pm

Monday, February 17, 8:30-9:00 pm


Monday, February 10, 8:30-9:00 pm

Monday, February 17, 6:00-6:45 pm


The Argument

o Memorize- memorize all!

o There are tracks on this in Chorus Connection. To get to all the tracks in Chorus Connection:

§ Go to the Member Portal

§ Enter password Broadway101

§ Click on the arrow for Rehearsal Tracks

§ Click on Chorus Connection (note login info if this is your first time)

§ Click under Music in the top left menu panel for both SATB and SSAA Variations

o Watch the Vancouver Youth Choir Video for how we will do “choral-ography” with looks, crossed arms, gestures, etc.). Feel free to make notes on your own- that will save us time on Saturday (this is also good to practice with once memorized!)


Memorizel. Here is a YouTube I like (I don’t think I’ll worry about the choral-ography just yet- just claps and snaps! LOL!)


Put It In The Piggy (here’s our recording:

o Memorize!

o Don’t forget our Choral-ography! Check this out for help:

o Here’s a recording of the accompaniment only that we used:

Mashed Potato Love Poem -here’s a great recording to sing with if it helps:

o Memorize if you wish but not required

Bring Me Little Water, Silvy

o Memorize!

o Remember to make music with the body percussion!

o ALL work on the body percussion using the tutorial video in Chorus Connection. Learn it here:

Practice it while singing here:

Thanks, everyone- see you next week!!

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