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MARCH 11th, 2020

Hi, Variations!

Thanks, SATB, for a great rehearsal Monday night. OUR NEXT REHEARSAL IS SATURDAY 3/21, 12:30-2:30.  Some notes:

1.    Water Fountain- concentrate on the usual places. We need to shake a little more rust off, if you know what I mean. I listened to all the videos several times through (including the original) and want to make the following changes (thanks, Cate and others, for the concerns). Please mark the following in your music:

a.    M. 31-32 ALTOS- add an extra “I’ll Kneel” at the end of m. 31 into 32 (it would be two eighth notes: one on “4 and” and the other on “1)

b.    If you have not already done so, add claps in mm. 42 and 44; the rhythm is the same as that of the TB claps in m. 7; m. 44 only uses the first 3 claps)

c.    Change the last note we sing in m. 46 to a “C” on the word “bear”

d.    Ladies, m. 59: change the last eighth rest to a sixteenth rest and sixteenth note tied to the first beat of m. 60 (you’ll hear this easier than you’ll see it...)

e.    Ladies, m. 61 w/pickup: the “se pou” notes are as written, but please circle and I will explain more at our next rehearsal

f.     Tenors: m. 72 cut “thing a caress” (the 4 sixteenth notes)

g.    ALL m. 79: change the last sung “gimme your head” to a loudly spoken “off with his head”

2.    Mama Will Provide is very close already- good work! Just clean up a few spots. This should be ready in 1-2 more run-throughs if you will work at home. Listen and sing with the YouTube in Chorus Connection.

3.    A Musical- Look at the spots where the chorus sings, mark them, and practice them- nothing terribly difficult, just getting the road map in place may be the hardest part.

4.    Schuyler Sisters! This is going to be a doozy but will knock everyone’s socks off. Ditto above: mark your roadmap, look at the places where we sing as a chorus. Auditions on 3/23 for 4 solos (Solo 1-Male; Solo 2, 3, 4-Female w/Solo 3 highest female part).

5.    Rehearsal Schedule 3/21: Art Stroll Run-through plus Schuyler, Musical, Water Fountain. Rehearsal schedule 3/23: Schuyler, Musical, Water Fountain, Seasons Of Love, Mama (if we have time)


Variations SSAA, we will rehearse next Monday 3/16. Rehearsal schedule: I Know Him So Well, What Is This Feeling, Let It Go

Here is a different YouTube version of I Know Him So Well that is our actual arrangement ( (FYI- for now sing all parts; Alto 1 sing alto.)

Let It Go (Altos! Melody!!) and What Is This Feeling (maybe a touch of choral-ography?) already have parts are already in Chorus Connection, please use them and be ready for Monday- thanks!


Other things to consider:

1.    Variations Auditions June 1 (more to come…)

2.    The Sound has invited us back! They are looking for us to perform (up to 1 hour!) on a Sunday afternoon/evening during the summer and fall (possible dates: May 1, May 10 [Mother’s Day brunch show? Probably not…], June 14, 28; July 24, 31; Sept. 5, 11, 25; Oct. 30). Plus, they have asked us to book an hour on December 5 (save this date, please!) for Santa At The Sound.

3.    Looking at older but VERY familiar pieces for Art Stroll and beyond. Do you have any favorites you didn’t list on the January survey? Send them to me- gathering them now!

4.    National Anthem and God Bless America Auditions for area sports teams? I say yes! Both groups! More later…


Rehearsal Schedule for Variations:


Saturday, March 21 12:30-2:30 SATB

Monday, March 23 6-6:45

Monday, April 6 6-6:45

(No V rehearsals April 13)

Monday, April 27 6-6:45

Saturday, May 2 12:30-2:30-SATB  

Monday, May 11 6-6:45


Monday, March 16 6-6:45

Saturday, March 21 10-12- SSAA

Monday, March 30 6-6:45

(No V rehearsals April 13)

Monday, April 20 6-6:45

Saturday, May 2 10-12-SSAA

Monday, May 4 6-6:45 

Monday, May 18 6-6:45


Dates to keep for Variations:

  • Saturday, April 25- Art Stroll (we will perform)

  • Friday, May 8- Arts Council Reception (keep on radar)

  • Thursday, May 14- Arts Center Ribbon Cutting (keep on radar)

  • Sunday, May 17- Arts Center Grand Opening Performance 3:30-4:30 (we will perform w/CCC)

  • Saturday-Sunday, May 30-31- Broadway 101


As always, feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, etc. Thanks!