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This course, designed by Dr. Joshua Brown of Dallas Baptist University, provides a fundamental level of musical information in a practical way to empower singers to feel confident in their abilities to make a meaningful contribution to a choral/vocal ensemble. These workshop classes are recommended for High School ages and up.


Tickets are $35 per night. Choose 2 workshops each night!

Interested in taking all four classes? Be sure to register for both the 7/31 & 8/7 workshop classes.

about the classes

Sight Singing and Ear Training
Instructor: Dr. Gary Gordon 

Solfege and aural skills (including sight-singing and ear training)

Mastering Home Rehearsals: Effective Strategies and Techniques

Choral Vocal Development
Instructor: Nathan Benavides

The Mechanics of singing (how to use your whole instrument)  

The principles of breathing, voice production; Chorale Diction, Blending, and more!

Stage Presence Secrets: Enhancing Your Concert Performance

Music Interpretation evaluation and assessment

Instructor: John Sauvey

The basic elements of music surveyed and examined in the music literature of western civilization, particularly from the Baroque Period to the present day.This will familiarize the student with cultural context, terminology, genres, and notation.

Music Building Blocks:
The foundation of music’s key elements

Instructor: Dr. Joshua R. Brown

Introduction to the basic elements of music theory, including scales, intervals, keys, triads, elementary ear training, notation, meter, etc. 

Basic Music Theory with emphasis is on notation, cadences, classification of diatonic triads, scales, and modes.

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